Zimbabwe’s long and tumultuous history makes this fascinating nation a work in progress, a place renowned as much for its political upheaval as for its stunning natural wonders. Visit the beautiful and remote wilds of Mana Pools National Park, where you are almost guaranteed to see hippos, crocodiles, zebras, antelopes and elephants. Just outside of Harare, you may want to explore the ancient Domboshawa Caves, with their cave paintings dating back over 6000 years. If you’re in the city in April, your guide can direct you to the highlights of the lively International Festival of the Arts. And of course no visitor to Zimbabwe misses the spectacle of Victoria Falls.

Flying Fox (Cable Slide)

Imagine taking a running jump into thin air over the chasm, soaring horizontally through the air over the turmoil of the Zambezi below. The gorge at this point is 200 meters wide and 120 meters deep. This is a great appetizer before you try the Zip Line and Gorge Swing.

Gorge Swing

Imagine a giant swing 95m long and 120m high above water…now imagine a 70m free fall before you begin swinging. Stop imagining and come and try it out! Defy gravity and soar with the birds, sail through the air and gaze down upon the Zambezi River and its ancient gorges. The ultimate adrenaline buzz of the free-falling gorge swing allows you to view the river from a different angle as you fly through the air on the end of a rope.

Helicopter flight

The spectacular helicopter flight over the Victoria Falls is known as the ‘Flight of Angels’. View the majestic Victoria Falls from the sky. You will also have fantastic views upstream of the Zambezi River, and downstream of the Batoka Gorge.

White Water Rafting

Rafting on the Zambezi River is an adrenaline rush not to be missed. The rapids on the Zambezi River are officially defined as “Grade 5” by the British Canoe Union. Clients should be reasonably fit for this activity, as there is a steep walk into & out of the Batoka Gorge as well as the white water rafting activity itself. The gorge is over 100 meters deep at the Falls and increases to over 200 meters by the end of a full day raft trip. Despite this rugged terrain, the gorges below the Falls are thick with vegetation and incredibly spectacular.


The Victoria Falls Canopy Tour offers amazing views of Zambezi rapids, Victoria Falls Bridge & the spray of the Falls. Observe the riverine forest from a variety of different vantage points. The network of slides, trails and rope bridge walkways within the canopy of the hardwood forest of the Zambezi gorges offers amazing views of the turbulent rapids, the Victoria Falls Bridge and spray of the Falls. This unique experience is suitable for adventure seekers of all ages including families and groups. The Vic Falls Canopy Tour consists of 9 different slides, varying in length (with the longest being approximately 85m and the shortest being 40m) and 1 cable bridge walkway. The activity duration is 2 to 2.5 hours.

Victoria Falls River Boarding

Swim the Middle Zambezi River rapids and surf the waves, armed with nothing more than an oversized body board, wetsuit and flippers. This is the most fun you can have on your stomach! Trips combine rafting and river boarding, so that you can safely navigate the flat water sections and the few rapids that are considered unsafe for river boarders.


This is the longest Zip Line (Foofie Slide) ride in the world. Foofie Slide: this is similar to the Flying Fox but here the cable is not horizontal it is at an extreme angle so once you let go you accelerate downhill at speeds of over 100km/h. It is extremely exhilarating and unbelievably fast. This can be done single or tandem. It is also twice the distance as flying fox.

Bungee Jumping in Victoria Falls

Jumping 111 meters off the Victoria Falls Bridge has to be one of the most challenging, terrifying, crazy things to do. Some say it’s the best Bungee in the world though it’s not the highest, maybe it is because of the backdrop of the Victoria Falls or maybe just the fact that you are free falling down towards the mighty Zambezi. Whatever it is, it is a massive adrenaline rush!!

Boiling Pot Hike

Take this awesome picturesque hike in the morning or afternoon down the gorge, under the Victoria Falls Bridge, and experience the splendour of the Victoria Falls from down below. Then take a swim in the pools at the base of the falls.Seeing the Victoria Falls from its base is a breathtaking experience, but there is a rather strenuous hike involved. You have to walk down the Batoka Gorge, go under the Victoria Falls Bridge and take a raft to the base of the Falls. Sounds simple enough, but you do have to be reasonably fit in order to complete this rather physical activity. It takes about 30 minutes to get to the bottom of the gorge which is almost 110m high (360 feet), with steep steps, rocks, some rafting and swimming. Then there is the preparation time and rafting across to the other side of the gorge which takes about 30 minutes. After spending about an hour at the base of the Falls, it takes roughly another  hour to get back out of the gorge. The experience though is very enjoyable and worth the time and effort!