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Kenya can be described as “the whole world in a single country”, a land of extremes and contrasts; from deserts, to open plains and Savannah, snow on top of mountains, indigenous and exotic forests, sun-swathed fine sandy beaches and ultra-modern cosmopolitan cities/towns scattered all over. In all, it is internationally recognized as a tourism paradise, a once in a lifetime must-visit; standing out with over 48 game sanctuaries, each being unique of the other. The supporting infrastructure is well developed and the peace that prevails gives a boost to its hospitality.



Uganda’s star attraction is the endangered mountain gorilla, the bulkiest of living Primates, and among the most peaceable. Staring into the pensive brown eyes of these gentle giants, who share 95% of their genes with humans, is as humbling as it is thrilling. However, it doesn’t stop there, you can see big game, the wonderful safari parks like Queen Elizabeth NP and the still unknown Kidepo Valley NP, the primates in the rainforests, the amazing waterfalls and the beautiful lakes.
Uganda is called “The pearl of Africa” for many good reasons. As Winston Churchill wrote: “For magnificence, for variety of form and color, for profusion of brilliant life — birds, insects, reptiles, beasts — for vast scale — Uganda is truly “The Pearl of Africa.”



This huge country is made of a union of 2 sovereign states forming the United Republic of Tanzania (consisting of the Union Government and the Zanzibar Revolutionary Government). The biggest country in East Africa, it is a land of variations and extremes all in one huge shell indeed massive game parks (e.g. Serengeti and Selous) and an “amphitheater” (Ngorongoro) all rich in wildlife, lakes, plains and savannah, and of course home of Africa’s Rooftop & the custodian of the continent’s sky – Kilimanjaro, the world’s highest free-standing mountain (5895M) with its snow-capped peaks. The sandy beaches at the Zanzibar Island coastline are a must-visit for the yearning visitor in search of the tropical African sun amid waves and waves of ocean water. Deeper south in the country lays the massive Selous Game Reserve cut across by the mighty River Rufiji, an abode of the African Wild dog.
All these, together with the hospitable Tanzanians really make the country a destination of choice for the discerning traveller.



Rwanda is not your average African safari with its gorilla tracking in a vivid country that is also known as, “Land of a Thousand Hills.”
In the north, the magnificent Virunga Mountain Range; a group of six towering volcanoes standing sentry along the border of Rwanda. They are located inside the Volcanoes National Park, and are surrounded by over 150km2 of mountain forests, and home to the mountain gorillas. Apart from gorilla trekking, there are many other activities to be enjoyed in this area including forest walks and a number of cultural and community tourism initiates. Kigali is the city, built in a hilly country, sprawling across about four ridges and the valleys in between. The tops of the ridges have an average elevation of 1,600 meters (5,250 ft.), while the valleys are around 1,300 m (4,270 ft.).



Zimbabwe’s long and tumultuous history makes this fascinating nation a work in progress, a place renowned as much for its political upheaval as for its stunning natural wonders. Visit the beautiful and remote wilds of Mana Pools National Park, where you are almost guaranteed to see hippos, crocodiles, zebras, antelopes and elephants. Just outside of Harare, you may want to explore the ancient Domboshawa Caves, with their cave paintings dating back over 6000 years. If you’re in the city in April, your guide can direct you to the highlights of the lively International Festival of the Arts. And of course no visitor to Zimbabwe misses the spectacle of Victoria Falls.


South Africa

South Africa always wows tourists with its distinctive mix of landscapes across the country, from sub-tropical rain forests and semi-desert stretches to snow-capped mountains, sugar-fine beaches and grassland game reserves. Cape Town, the Cape wine lands, the Kruger National Park, Sabi Sand, Timbavati and the Garden Route are the most popular South Africa travel destinations.
Altogether, South Africa is formed by an outstanding unity, a combined identity that leaves a permanent mark on all who visit. From the moment you step off the plane, you receive friendly welcomes that are universal, regardless of the language. The varied geography provides endless magic: from world class vineyards, breathtaking beaches, hippo-infested swamps of the Limpopo, to the soaring snow-capped peaks of the Drakensburg. Yet its cities can pleasantly package everything together. Cape Town the dream city.



Morocco an enchanting Arabic country, located in the Northwestern part of Africa, famous for its infinite spice markets, and its infamous capital city, Rabat. The former French colony, independent only since 1956 provides travelers with an opportunity to indulge in both sunny lounging beaches, and skiing in the highs of the Atlas.